AdWatcher Ranked "Best Tool for Click Fraud Detection and Prevention" - for the Second Year in a Row! has announced that they have named AdWatcher as their best pick as a solution for click fraud detection/prevention and ad tracking. This marks the second year in a row that AdWatcher has received this award.

Ad Tracker Reviews ( is well-respected in the Internet world for their unbiased and frank reviews of click fraud monitoring and ad management software.
Ad Tracker Reviews, CEO, Michael Baker, explains why AdWatcher was chosen as their recommended top pick among ad management and click fraud detection solutions for 2007 – “There are so many click fraud monitoring and ad management software programs out there, that it is quite difficult for any company trying to manage ads and prevent click fraud at the same time to choose one," said Baker. "AdWatcher is the real thing. Their ad management software is the best we have seen. In every test, they caught every click fraud incident. They far outstrip their competition."

Ad Tracker Reviews’ mission is to help businesses make educated decisions when looking for the best ad tracking software to fit their needs. They are uncompromising in their standards of quality and are forthright in declaring that unfortunately many ad tracking software packages are "heavily overpriced or [provide] no value to the customer".

For any business to compete globally by means of the Internet, they must choose ad tracker software makes it easy to understand which advertising dollars are profitable and which are not".

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