Click Fraud Calculator - How Much Am I Losing?

Does click fraud affect you? Should you be concerned? The extent of possible click fraud certainly does vary, based on where you advertise and your average bid per click. Use our Click Fraud Calculator to estimate how much of your advertising budget is going to waste via click fraud and could potentially be recovered from the search engines.

Which search engines do you advertise on?

1st Tier (Google/Yahoo/Microsoft)
2nd Tier (MIVA/7Search/Enhance and others)
Both (1st + 2nd Tier)

How much do you typically pay per click?

Less than $0.50 per click
$0.50-$0.99 per click
$1-$1.99 per click
$2 or more

How much do you spend per month on pay-per-click advertising across all search engines?

Monthly Amount: $

You could be losing $0.00/month to click fraud!

... but you can put a stop to it. Try AdWatcher for FREE for 30 days and see how we can help you detect click fraud, take action against its sources and prevent it from happening again!

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