Fair Isaac and AdWatcher
Search Advertising Click Fraud Study

AdWatcher, the leading click fraud detection and prevention service, has recently entered into an agreement with Fair Isaac, creators of the Falcon system to to identify and reduce fraud in financial transactions, to assist them with their on-going study of determining the extent of click fraud in the marketplace.

AdWatcher's role will be to identify large volume advertisers currently using AdWatcher click fraud detection system, get them involved with the study, collect the data on their behalf (as is currently being done), and provide it to Fair Isaac for further analysis.

Fair Isaac will analyze the data in great detail and incorporate the findings into their final report which will be released upon completion of the study.

AdWatcher clients may participate in the study at no cost and will, in return, receive an individual, private report which outlines the activity on their account and will provide them with additional information.

All information collected, including the names of participants in the study and their account data, will be kept strictly confidential. Data will only be used anonymously in the final report and in developing and supplying products and services to combat click fraud, in accordance with Fair Isaac’s Mutual Confidentiality and Data Disclosure Agreement, which will be provided to each participant for signature prior to the collection and provision of any data to Fair Isaac.

AdWatcher is encouraging its clients to participate in the study, as it will benefit not only AdWatcher clients in their ad campaigns, but will also serve to shed light on the industry-wide problem and help discover means and opportunities of dealing with it.


Fair Isaac’s proprietary software to identify and detect payment card fraud and identity theft is renowned worldwide as an extremely effective means of limiting losses to fraud and, at the same time, protecting the integrity of client information and transactional data. Technology developed by Fair Isaac, dubbed Falcon™, has been instrumental in reducing the incidence of payment card fraud for more than 15 years and is currently in use protecting over 450 million credit and other payment cards worldwide.

Fair Isaac’s professionals believe that similar methodologies as used in fraud detection of payment cards can be applied to online pay-per-click advertising, which suffers from fraud perpetrated by individuals clicking on an online ad with no intent of purchasing or investigating the product or service offered by the business placing the ad.

AdWatcher’s CEO, Boris Mordkovich, said, “We encourage our business clients to participate in the Fair Isaac study, which we believe will be instrumental in providing an independent analysis of click fraud online and also in formulating ways in which fraud may be more easily detected. We’re excited about teaming up with Fair Isaac in this initiative and see it as a way to provide further added value to the AdWatcher solution for click fraud”.


If you are an AdWatcher client and are interested in participating and contributing toward the Fair Isaac study of click fraud in online pay-per-click advertising, please contact your AdWatcher support representative for details here.

If you are not yet an AdWatcher client, you can still participate in this study. Simply setup an account with AdWatcher and get in touch with us. We will help you get everything setup, so we could begin collecting the data for the study.

When you contact us, please include a brief summary of your company’s background, contact information, and any qualifying or limiting factors on data provision that you wish to discuss prior to participation.

To ensure that the data points of the study are statistically significant, we are looking for clients that process at least 100,000 clicks in pay-per-click advertising accounts throughout a 3-6 month period. However, if you don't meet this criteria but still wish to participate, let us know and we will try to accommodate you on a case-by-case basis.

About AdWatcher

AdWatcher is a revolutionary, all-in-one tool that monitors your ad campaigns for fraudulent activity, helps you track your Return on Investment (ROI), and manages all of your online advertising from one place. It has helped thousands of clients over the past three years to detect and prevent click fraud and get refunds from the search engines.

About Fair Isaac

Fair Isaac Corporation is responsible for the invention of FICO scores, the acronym given to the consumer credit score system. They are also well-known for the successful use of artificial intelligence to identify and reduce fraud in financial transactions, via their Falcon system. The experts at Fair Isaac believe that technology similar to Falcon can be applied to the click fraud problem in online pay-per-click advertising by making considered judgments about whether a particular click on a pay-per-click ad is an indication of genuine interest by an actual person or is fraudulent in nature.

Questions? Comments?

Please contact Boris Mordkovich at boris@adwatcher.com or call 800.543.9579.

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