Frequently Asked Questions

What is AdWatcher and how does it work?

AdWatcher is a click fraud protection service and online advertising manager that allows you to control every aspect of your online advertising campaigns, effortlessly tracking campaigns across an unlimited number of websites and online publishers. AdWatcher will help you detect and deter click fraud, as well as manage all of your search engine, banner, newsletter, and even offline ads from one place. You can perform split-run (A-B) tests and find out which landing pages convert best. AdWatcher gives you an almost endless variety of click fraud features and ad tracking features to help improve your advertising.

What is Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising?

Unlike most advertising that charges based on impressions (viewers, readers, listeners, pageviews, etc.), Pay-Per-Click Advertising or PPC only charges you based on the number of people who actually respond by clicking on your ad, which takes them to your site. With PPC, you only pay for those people who specifically have an interest in what you offer. AdWatcher helps you track and monitor these clickthroughs, so you know where your results are coming from. Visit this site for more information.

What is Click Fraud and how does AdWatcher helps me detect and deter it?

If PPC advertising has a single, potentially fatal flaw, it is that there is no way the advertiser can stop individual users from clicking ads repeatedly. Whether the clicks are coming from your competitors that are trying to deplete your advertising budget or search engine publishers that receive a portion of the revenue for every click they generate, it all negatively affects your bottom line. This kind of behavior is not ethical, but since it's so easy to do, it happens more and more often. As a result, click fraud deterrent programs are becoming increasingly popular, but are usually expensive to maintain and often charge more for this one feature than the entire cost of AdWatcher.

Click here to learn how AdWatcher helps you detect and deter click fraud.

Can AdWatcher track ALL my marketing campaigns - even offline?

Yes. You can pull precise statistics for ALL of your online advertising, including banner ads, Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), Microsoft adCenter and other search engine ads, as well as web archives, newsletters, e-zines and catalogs. AdWatcher allows you to stay on top of every detail of every type of campaign, including:

pay-per-click ads joint ventures affiliate programs
paid classifieds email newsletters banner ads
pop-up advertising bulk email ad-supported files
free classifieds internal links press releases
search engines autoresponders giveaway contests
bulletin boards FFA links pages shareware downloads
email signature files newsgroup postings "viral" marketing
message boards network marketing long copy sales letters
opt-in email ads reciprocal links offline marketing
article submissions article submissions ... And much more!
reseller programs ebook marketing    

In addition, AdWatcher even tracks your non-Internet campaigns, whether from TV, radio, print, postcards or business cards - regardless of where your website responses come from. You can even manually add telephone and postal responses for a complete, accurate ROI metric.

Why do I need to track my ads?

Frankly, if you are not tracking your ads, you're losing money. Creating the concept, the product and the sales campaign is only the first step. Being able to critically analyze, assess and energize your marketing is the only way to separate losing campaigns from winners and continually improve profits.

AdWatcher gives you over 20 intensive analytic reports, each focused on a different mission-critical area, and each with indispensable information for any success-oriented online business. You'll know the "who, what, where, when, how, and why" in extensive detail for every visitor who clicks through to your site so you can...

Accurately analyze the selling power of every ad campaign
Learn what brings in results and what simply wastes your money
Scientifically search out and eliminate fraud
Access a total perspective on your entire online business - all in real time!

This gives you the kind of valuable information at your fingertips that big businesses pay entire departments to ferret out. AdWatcher can be your ad manager, market research department, financial analyst, and fraud patrol all in one.

Will I know when my ads are making a profit or if I need to change them?

Yes. Good tracking involves more than just knowing how much was spent and how much was sold. It's important to know when and where the sales and leads came from, and have the calculations available in real time to show the actual return on your investment. AdWatcher automatically gives you accurate ROI numbers in real time, and over 20 other mission-critical reports, so you know exactly which ads to keep, which ones to drop, and where to spend your ad dollars for the greatest return. This way, you can fine-tune your online advertising on-the-fly for increased profitability on every campaign.

What kind of information does AdWatcher provide?

AdWatcher provides over 20 comprehensive "e-metrics" covering every aspect of your campaign, ranging from the number of clicks, actions, and sales a campaign got to showing you the total profit, revenue, cost, and ROI.

It also allows you to view detailed information, such as geographical location and the page they came from, on every single visitor and sale.

Overall, AdWatcher offers every kind of information you need to review and make informative decisions regarding your ad campaigns.

Should I be concerned about click fraud?

If you advertise online, yes! Regardless of what you spend, you could save 15-20% or more by detecting fraudulent activity and getting the refunds from the search engines. Check out our free click fraud calculator to find out how much you could be losing or read up a little more about the problem of click fraud.

How much does AdWatcher cost?

AdWatcher is totally customizable to your business, your needs and your marketing. You choose ONLY the reports you want and need, you choose as much or as little detail as you want. Whether you have a single website and only run ads on Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter or dozens of sites with thousands of ads spread out across the Internet, AdWatcher can be custom-tailored to make your marketing more profitable.

How hard is it to use AdWatcher?

AdWatcher is designed so anyone can use it to track and report on ad campaigns, regardless of your technical knowledge or expertise. To make sure you have NO difficulty, we maintain free Technical Support. Regardless of your needs, regardless of your timezone, our staff is available to assist you. We also have a complete product Tutorial Demo and Expert Tips for our customers. To give you an idea of how easy it is to use AdWatcher, here's all you need to do to set up an average campaign ad:

Select your keywords and write your advertisement
Go into AdWatcher and give your campaign a name (like "Google1")
AdWatcher will generate a unique tracking code in the form of a link. This link will track each and every person that clicks it, for the duration of the campaign
Copy and paste the tracking link (code) into your ad
Go to your publisher's website (in this case Google) and load your ad
And you're done. AdWatcher will now track all of the visitors from Google.

Do you offer free installation?

Absolutely! Our free installation saves you as much as $250 over similar online services. We will program AdWatcher for you, so you can be accurately tracking your ads within hours! We'll even integrate the AdWatcher code into your website for you, and group your campaigns by type of ad, purpose, or website, all no additional charge. If you are more "hands-on", you can also use our Setup Wizard and be tracking ads online within minutes.

How difficult is it to create tracking codes?

AdWatcher does it for you with our Automatic Tracking Code Generation. Setting up ads is fast and easy because AdWatcher creates all of the code you need for all of your links and pages. All you have to do is copy and paste them into your ads for instant tracking. Plus, you can even use your own, easy-to-remember URL as the domain name in your ads (unlike some programs that require you to use their URL address). With our Transparent Link Tracking feature, every clickthrough will be transparently redirected and tracked by AdWatcher.

Can I use my own website URLs instead of ones that say "AdWatcher"?

Yes. If you sign up for AdWatcher Download, the application will be setup on your server and will use your domain by default. However, even if you sign up for AdWatcher Hosted, you can use your own, easy-to-remember URL in your ads, so your website name is seen and recognized by your prospects. Instead of using a URL such as, you can customize AdWatcher to use only your own URL, so prospects see and recognize your website address (like

How secure is AdWatcher? Will anyone else be able to see my company records?

Your information is always secure with our Complete System Password Protection. In fact, the entire AdWatcher system utilizes MD5 string encryption, protecting ALL of your confidential and proprietary customer and prospect information with government-level security. You decide who gets to see your individual campaign statistics, and you can stay in complete control even when traveling, from any computer in the country - even through your cell phone or PDA!

Do you have a Privacy Statement?

Yes. We believe in rigorously guarding your privacy, and secure the information you track with AdWatcher so nobody can access it except the individuals you choose. Our Privacy Statement can be read by clicking here.

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