We believe that if we treat our customers well and help them grow their business, we will be successful too (karma is a wonderful thing!). On that note, we would like to show you a few letters that we have received from our clients.

I am very impressed by AdWatcher's fast support turnaround and the actual interface itself. Your developers have obviously put a lot of time and effort into getting it right.

My overall opinion of AdWatcher is that you guys are a pro outfit, with an excellent ROI tracking interface. It's sleek, works well, looks great, and so far addresses the various tracking requirements I have, including keyword tracking and affiliate product tracking.
- James Prior [JPGO.co.uk]
Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that the fraud portion of AdWatcher is AWESOME!!! I just got another refund from Yahoo. This time in the amount of $4,800. That's the second refund I've gotten from them.
- David Schroeder [MichaelhSilvers.com]
As the President of a PPC Management company, I've found AdWatcher to be an extremely reliable tool! The click fraud reports have helped us present several Click Fraud cases to Google and save our clients money. What I find even more attractive about AdWatcher is their reporting system. We use AdWatcher reports to verify conversions we're seeing in Google / Yahoo reports and to help optimize PPC campaigns to a higher level using the valuable IP information and keyword reports! Thank you AdWatcher for all you do!
- Clay Sinclair [PPCE.net]
I would love to tell everybody how great AdWatcher is, however... I just can't take the chance that my competitors might find out about it. AdWatcher is just way too powerful and effective for my competitors to be using it.

I must say - I started using AdWatcher purely for it's fraud detecting capabilities. It does a wonderful job of this, and is much better than any other program I tried before finding it. But now, I find that fraud detection is just a small part of AdWatcher's usefulness. To me, it is much more valuable now as a advertising campaign financial evaluator. With the tremendous amount of data AdWatcher calculates and tabulates for me, with information such as ROI, costs per sale, etc, I can tell in a quick glance which campaigns are performing the best and should be pushed harder, which ones aren't performing and need some looking into, where I should raise my PPC bids and which PPC campaigns aren't paying off and need work or should be discontinued, etc, etc. I paid close attention to my PPC ads before, but never had anywhere close to this kind of information. Even if I could have calculated everything AdWatcher does, I would have spent many hours everyday just crunching numbers. AdWatcher tells me everything I could possibly want to know about every click from every campaign I have going. I can also easily evaluate different landing pages and find out how simple changes can affect my conversion rates. I paid for a year, and I make more than that back everyday just with the information that I learn with AdWatcher. It's absolutely incredible.

Customer service is phenomenal. Eugene or Boris not only answer my questions usually within minutes, but they installed AdWatcher on my server, have done the updates for me, and have just gone way above and beyond what I would expect. And when I came up with a couple ideas (and found one problem), they updated their software and incorporated everything within a couple weeks. And I haven't even started on how easy AdWatcher is to use, it' visual appeal, etc.

And I can tell them this now that I have my price locked in for as long as I live... your price is way, way too low. Other programs that don't have one tenth of the capabilities of AdWatcher are going for twice as much or more. You could raise your price by a factor of 4 and still be a bargain. Actually, you should raise it more than that. so maybe my competitors won't use it...
- Steve Bowen [MedsCheap.com]
I wanted to let you know that I presented a fraudulent report to ePilot. I noticed that I was getting clicks from different website and I visit those websites to make sure they are not bogus. I came across one and when I did a search, each time a php error came up. I visited the site for several days and each time only error messages showed up, so I reported it to ePilot and they refunded me the money.
- Simone [Hispanic-Jobs.com]
AdWatcher is the big brother for PPC advertisers. It gives you total peace of mind as you can determine when and where click fraud is taking place. Working with AdWatcher and search engines, I can actually detect and deter click fraud. Also, I must add that the customer service is fast, accurate, and friendly.
- Daniel Leff [TheBlingKing.co.uk]
I can’t thank you guys enough! For how much you charge for the product, the service level is fantastic. I’m constantly chasing companies I pay ten or even twenty times more per month, such as hosting or advertising for small and large jobs to be done.

You guys haven’t only been highly reactive, but you’ve also been very pro active, so a very sincere thank you from us. It’s been a 10 out of 10 service.
- Shane Robinson [TargetedMedia.co.uk]
Thanks to AdWatcher, in 2 short months, I have doubled my opt-in rate with the same amount of traffic! I hoped that this might happen, but I didn't predict that it would work that well. And this is only a start!
- Darren Chabluk
I am currently using the 30-day free trial and after 3 days, I am completely blown away with the ability of the software to track affiliate sales on Clickbank and all of my other campaigns. The expert support has been very prompt, friendly and helpful. Thank you!
- John Platenius [VirtuallyCertain.com]
I wanted to take a few moments to write regarding our recent experience with AdWatcher. We had been paying thousands of dollars to a conversion tracking company who didn't even have their own proprietary software. After 90 days of trying to get them to figure out how to use a third party's tracking software with our website, we decided to cut our losses and look elsewhere. Imagine our surprise when we happened upon AdWatcher! For less than $50.00 a month, we were able to get tracking of all of our PPC, banner, and shopping site clicks and conversions in addition to automated fraud tracking.

What's more, we can run our own reports since the data is downloadable into the convenient csv files. With our previous company, it took several days to get a reply from their tech specialists. With AdWatcher, I was able to sign up for a free trial to see if we could implement the software. When I had an issue with the code, one of your developers not only replied to my concern within hours, but personally made the modification for me.

And the service has more than paid for itself. In the first week, we discovered that we were dumping several hundred dollars a day into no or low-converting campaigns. We just wish we had found you sooner!
- James Pappas [jlhufford.com]
AdWatcher has been a great program and has been a tremendous asset to my online business. You can't beat the value that you are getting for its low monthly subscription. The customer service has been superb, as well. It is a great bargain and a must for my business.
- Simon Chan [LeadingUSANA.com]
We have found AdWatcher to be an effective tool for managing and analyzing our clients PPC campaigns. Setup is fast, and easy. Within 3 days of setting up our first account were able to identify and remedy a fraudulent click-through problem. Our clients appreciate the ability to review the effectiveness of their campaigns in real time. Support has been prompt and professional. AdWatcher is a welcome addition to or account management tool box.
- James Bjurman [AdvantixMedia.com]
After searching for several ad tracking solutions we found Adwatcher. Apart from having a fantastic visual appearance, it has incredible functionality. Now we can track all our advertisement campaigns, so we are sure not to waste precious advertisement dollars. On top of that, they have a fantastic support and release updates almost every week. AdWatcher is THE solution you need to optimize your marketing!
- Luiz [175TV.com]
After just a few short weeks, we've already begun to see how advertising dollars convert to customer sales thanks to the AdWatcher service. Before AdWatcher, we simply didn't know. The sales and click thru data that is now at our fingertips is simply phenomenal. And since we are seeing campaigns by conversion; including cost per sale data, we will be able to redirect and correct advertising inefficiencies. This alone will more than pay the low Ad Watcher service fee. With better, more targeted ads we can help lower our total cost per sale and grow stronger.

If you aren't using Ad Watcher to analyze your campaigns you're wasting both time and money. Nothing could be easier! You simply copy a few short lines of code and the information comes to you!
- Bryan Ruppenthal [DTEP.com]
AdWatcher has been very good at identifying the sources of our clickthrough traffic. Software configuration was very easy and whenever I had questions or difficulties, I could get in touch with someone very quickly for assistance. The live chat feature makes it easy to get speedy answers to questions and Boris is very attentive -- I always receive an email answer to my question if I do not get a hold of a live person in support (mind you, this has happened a total of 2 times over 10 support calls).

AdWatcher has paid for itself each month we have subscribed in terms of detected click fraud and the staff provides good advice and information on the best ways to approach search engines for refunds on click fraud. This was the main reason we signed up for the service, but new features in the latest version of the software will add additional value to the tracking capabilities of the system. I recommend AdWatcher to anyone who uses PPC ads to drive traffic to to their site.
- Ken Robinson [teklynx.com]